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Haz tu compra online y recoge en la tienda libre de costo

NEON by Iwata Airbrush Kit

Precio original $265.00 - Precio original $265.00
Precio original
$265.00 - $265.00
Precio actual $265.00

Iwata Airbrushes & Sets

Since 1982 we've had one purpose; to Create A Great Experience for the makers and creators of the world. We do this by developing and providing the very best high-performing creative products we can make and then we back them up with industry-best service and technical information.

We have chosen to pursue our purpose consistently as we "live and breathe" a few simple core behaviors every day:

  • If you Have the will, we'll help to develop the skills through various training resources, hands-on workshops, customer support and educational videos and informational articles.
  • We love to Inspire creativity and we are inspired by creativity! Creativity in the work of our customers, in developing new products, in our solutions to challenges and in one another!
  • We love to laugh as it allows us to show our best face! For us, life is just better when we are laughing.
  • We really do care . Whether you're a newbie beginner or a 20-year experienced veteran, a customer, a partner, a vendor or a fellow staff member - our goal is to care for everyone in the same manner.
  • Lastly, We aspire to be great both as a company and as individuals. We help one another to be the best versions of ourselves and then pay it forward by asking others do the same.

    Thank you for letting us be a small part of your creative process. We promise to continue to do our best in providing the very best tools to enhance your creative endeavors.
  • You Imagine. IWATA Performs. You Create.