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$0.75 - $5.98
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STEADLER / Mars White Plastic Eraser

Premium quality for first-class erasing performance.  Minimal crumbling.  Phthalate and latex free.  Age-resistant.  No discoloration of the eraser on paper.

PENTEL Hi-Polymer Eraser

Pentel Hi-Polymer erasers are high quality, latex-free erasers that remove lead easily and cleanly with very little pressure. No smudges, no paper tears and no ghosting. 

MONO Sand Eraser

Natural rubber latex and silica grit eraser removes ink marks, including ballpoint, roller-ball and some marker. Environmentally friendly, produced with all natural materials, with 100% recycled pulp sleeve.

FACTIS Extra-Soft White Vinyl Eraser

This is one of the softest art erasers made. The white vinyl construction is perfect for charcoal, graphite or pastels. Suitable for use on rough watercolor paper.



OR Caramel Fine Art Gum Eraser 

The Cretacolor Caramel Eraser leaves absolutely no mark on paper and is an excellent everyday companion for any artist using graphite and color pencils. It is easy to use and offers more control than other gum erasers.