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Chroma Mural Paint

Precio original $10.75 - Precio original $54.00
Precio original
$10.75 - $54.00
Precio actual $10.75
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Chroma Mural Paint

Chroma Mural Paint is a lightfast, outdoor, water-resistant paint, designed with the mural artist in mind. With superior coverage, handling and pigment load, artists have a great paint that can be used straight from the bottle for interior and exterior murals. The bright and mixable colors are AP-approved non-toxic and clean up easily.

Chroma Mural Paint Neon Colors offer high-impact shades that are perfect for creating bold, eye-catching murals that demand attention.

Chroma Mural Paint Metallic Colors have a rich, lustrous finish that adds a touch of glamour to any mural and give your artwork a luxurious sheen.

Chroma Mural Paint Special FX Colors ; Pixie Dust creates a sparkling, glittery effect while Disco adds a prismatic shimmer to your mural. Both Special FX colors are perfect for adding a touch of magic to your artwork.

*Metallic Colors, Neon Colors and Special FX Colors are recommended for indoor mural use.