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Measure Master Measuring Wheel / Rolatape Rt204

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$58.00 - $58.00
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The Rolatape RT204 Twin Measuring Wheel is designed to accurately measure distances on smooth hard surfaces up to 10,000 feet. Use it to measure on flooring, countertops, or smooth pavement in feet and inches, down to 1 inch. The dual molded wheels have a 4 inch diameter and allow stability and control for precise measurements.. Light and easy-to-handle for accurate measurements on firm surfaces. Dual wheels provide exceptional traction and stability. Completely sealed push button counter records feet and inches to 10,000 feet without resetting. 3-Piece telescoping handle collapsed measures 19.25 in. extending to 40.5 in. 1 ft. wheel circumference, 4 in. wheel diameter and weighs 2 lbs.