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Speedball Oblique Pen And Ink Set

Precio original $6.95 - Precio original $7.99
Precio original
$6.95 - $7.99
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Speedball Oblique Pen and Ink Set

To augment the already popular oblique penholder offering, the Oblique Pen & Ink set is now available! This includes just what's needed for both the beginner and expert to begin drawing and lettering projects. The Oblique Penholder's construction is ideal for creating lettering styles that feature a slant, such as Copperplate and Spencerian scripts.

The Oblique Pen & Ink Set includes:

  • Speedball Oblique Penholder
  • Hunt No. 101 Nib

  • Speedball Dip Pens

    There are two different kind of nibs, broad-edge and pointed, which can be inserted into Speedball Pen Holders.

    When lettering Italic, Roman, Blackletter, etc., select a broad-edged tool like the C-Series Speedball nibs. When lettering pointed pen hands, such as Copperplate, use a flexible pointed nib such as the Speedball 99 or 103. For monoline lettering, select a Speedball B-series nib.