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Winsor & Newton Galeria Acrylic Mediums

Precio original $11.99 - Precio original $24.00
Precio original
$11.99 - $24.00
Precio actual $11.99
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 Mediums provide infinite control with acrylic colors. Mediums control transparency, viscosity and sheen, while varnishes offer protection and the finish sheen of the painting.

Acrylic Extender

A highly economical medium, Galeria Extender increases the volume of paint and maintains opacity. Colour will dry to a matt finish. A great product for those with limited budgets.

Structure Gel

Add to acrylic colour to create high peak retention. Smooth and flexible. Provides a gloss finish with good clarity.

Glass Beads Texture Gel

This medium is composed of small, spherical glass beads suspended in a thick, clear acrylic gel. When used with a transparent colour, the effects are arresting and jewel-like.